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2019 Wrap Up

In the later half of 2019 I had something of an epiphany (epitony) and decided I needed a break from what I consider to be serious racing. I wasn't having any problem with getting the training done, but was finding it hard to accommodate the mental effort of planning each and every week around training. It's hard to even be average. Carrying some bike form from Viborg, there was enough in the tank for a couple of 25 mile TT PBs, climaxing with a club record 50:44 (29.7 mph average).

The Team Secret Squirrel run squad reached a dizzy new height with a surprise overall victory in the illustrious Chariots of Fire relay race - in spite of our best efforts not to take it seriously.


Since then it's been Parkrunning and a bit of half-hearted cross-country. And some drinking and eating, and not getting up stupidly early. I've joined a running club and have continued to run (including some intervals) for fun... but the main goal is just to avoid getting slow and fat too quickly. I can't promise not to hit a start line somewhere in 2020, but my expectations have been reset.


Thanks for reading!